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Creative Designs

Make maximum use of your outdoor space with custom and unique designs from Out Building Guys. Select your preferred design from our catalog or consult directly with our experts and we will get the best of outbuilding structures.


All Inclusive Package

Bring your outbuilding structure idea to life with our all-inclusive package that comes affordable and comprehensive. Right from the planning, inspection, designing, building and support services, we have a great deal for you.


Experienced Experts

Out Building Guys presents the most experienced team in outbuilding structures construction. Our expert ideas, innovations, and technical work will deliver the most desirable structures right from the plan to the finish.

Call 888-295-0024 today and talk to the experts.


Timber Outbuildings

Get beautiful outbuildings for your home built with quality exotic woods. We offer a range of timber building materials all of premium quality to suit all your outbuilding designs. Whether you are looking to construct poolside rooms, outdoor hangar or any other structure, our range of timber and oak is suitable for all purposes so youll get exactly what you need fast and affordable.

Metal Outbuildings

Find also a range of metal outbuildings options for your home. We have affordable steel building options that will make it possible to own safe and quality storage space complete with enclosed structures best for workshop or a storage shed. Metal structures are generally very durable and a good option for homeowners and commercial owners.

Prompt Delivery and Installation

Every service rendered at Out Building Guys is all schedules compliant. We do immediate delivery and installation services as soon as your order is complete. All installations are carried out by our team of experts to ensure your outbuildings are completed within schedule.

Customization Options

Need a custom designed outbuilding? Out Building Guys will deliver just as you need. Whether its about the design, framing, or just sheer creativity our expert services in unmatched when it comes to custom structuring. Simply call us today and let us know about your idea on 888-295-0024.

Building Costs Estimates

Get your out building price estimates for all designs upfront and all other Out Building Guys offers inclusive. Our flexible options will ensure you get the structure you need to your budget. Our prices are currently the most affordable.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Find great offers for industrial and commercial buildings for all purposes- whether if its for storage, meeting or simply additional livable space. Out Building Guys is a reliable contractor for all outbuildings and with an experienced team al your outbuilding needs for big and small firms will be met appropriately.

Approved Building & Construction

All designs and technical work at Out Building Guys are approved by all authority bodies. Our approved designs meet every legal obligation and viable for insurance.

Save More with Eco-efficient Designs

Saving does not end with our affordable building materials and expert construction services, but also with energy costs. Outbuilding requires adequate lighting and air circulation and all our designs are meant to achieve all that so your structure remains energy efficient at all times. Call us today and get more ideas on how to save energy 888-295-0024.

Safety and Security

All outbuildings at Out Building Guys meet all the safety standards and features for maximum safety. Everything is safe with us.

Reach us now on 888-295-0024 and let us deliver the work for you.

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